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One of the great places on the South of London is Croydon,  which is  rich in vast beauty and wonderful attractions, which are shown in the extract below:

THE Croydon Heritage Festival is returning for 2015, bringing a range of events and attractions to celebrate the borough’s rich history.

Once again the festival, running this year from June 20-28, is being organised by 400-year-old charity The Whitgift Foundation.


The theme of this year’s festival will be ‘Famous Croydon’, highlighting the town’s links to many iconic faces and events, while also celebrating local rising stars of the future.

Croydon has a wealth of famous connections, many of which have been forgotten over time.


The town is home of the Brit School, which produced the likes of international superstars Amy Winehouse and Adele; a location for the hit Hollywood blockbuster The Da Vinci Code; the birthplace of the much loved literary imps The Flower Fairies, and the home of the UK’s first airport, regularly frequented by Marilyn Monroe.

These stories and icons will be brought to life by the festival programme, which will follow three key strands – Famous Croydon of the past, present and future.

Credits: Dates announced for third annual Croydon Heritage Festival – Croydon Advertiser

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