Escort Tips: Choosing Makeup Removers for Sensitive Face


Makeup kits are already part of an escort’s life. A makeup is an escort’s assistance when it comes to enhancing her natural beauty to become more appealing to clients. However, no matter how much escorts love putting on makeup, removing it at the end of a day’s work is also important.
Beauty experts say that removing makeup is more important compared to wearing it the entire day. Leaving the makeup on an escort’s face overnight can actually create acnes, pimples and other breakouts. Before identifying the best cleanser for your skin type, it’s always wiser to primarily identify the makeup remover that’s best for your needs as an escort.
A makeup remover is definitely though of carefully, especially when you’re an escort with a sensitive skin. You should not just pick and buy any makeup remover you find at beauty shops. When you choose any beauty product and apply it on your face or skin, the probable result is that you’ll get burns, rashes or itches and you don’t want that.
As an escort, you have to know that there are some makeup removers that really worsen sensitive skin. Even though makeup removers can really break up makeup and pull out oil, dirt and other microbes in your skin, it’s unavoidable that removers interact with your skin when rinsing off.
Chemicals, exfoliating products and home-made makeup removers can irritate a sensitive skin. It’s certain that they’ll remove your makeup, since they’ll be stripping off your skin by doing the process. Even though peeling off bogged and dead skin cells can make you feel refreshed, it’s not the same result when talking about your sensitive face. It will just cause burns and irritations on your face, instead of improving your face.
Another makeup remover ingredient to avoid is alcohol. It removes some layers of dead skin cells, which keep moisture in. If you have cracks in that layer, it’s already burned by the alcohol. A lot of makeup removers contain alcohol, which is why it’s quite difficult to avoid it. If you’re an escort with a sensitive skin, your primary problem would be frequency. You can use a makeup remover with alcohol as ingredient once a day. If it’s used more than two times within the day, then it can result to irritation or rashes.
As a sidenote the way you eat also  helps as this article illustrate:

While we strongly recommend adding “Eat Pretty” to your reading list, here's an excerpt with five healthy beauty tips so that you can enjoy the last days of summer.

1. Eat pretty — and cool. Water-rich beauty foods like watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, celery, watercress, lemons and coconut water keep your body cool when it's sweltering outdoors. They're also natural diuretics, so you'll be slim and free of bloat when it's time to put on a bikini.

and a great pair of UV-filtering sunglasses.

 Credits: 5 Healthy Beauty Tips To Enjoy The Last Days Of Summer – Huffington Post

There are several makeup removers that escorts buy that has anti-aging ingredients. For instance, a makeup remover contains antioxidant vitamin A and alpha hydroxy acids. You should not use those makeup removers because they can burn skin, even if you have a normal type of skin. Others cause irritations and can really hurt the skin, especially when an escort has sensitive skin.
In order to avoid irritations, rashes or burns on your sensitive face, make sure that you look at the ingredients of your chosen makeup remover. It’s also recommended that you consult with a beauty expert when it comes to choosing the best makeup remover for a sensitive skin.