common concerns escorts should conquer


Escorts who have the appropriate mindsets can attain very successful careers in the industry. In order to do that, they should be ambitious enough, very confident, and extremely focused in her profession. Disappointments and failures are never wise preferences to achieve a successful career. As escorts, they should never allow their fears and issues get the better of them.
On the other hand, sometimes it is hard to get rid of some issues as you are starting as an escort. It is just ordinary for women to form some hesitations and anxieties with regard to the different features of the profession. There is some fear built up when you are starting out a new job, whatever job it is. Over time, these fears subside and confidence settles in.
It is important for escorts to defeat such fears and you may look at some of the concerns:
1. Think first about your body or do not think about it at all.
Most women, escorts included for that matter, have some self-loathing relying on how they view their bodies. Usually, they think that their legs are too fat or their breasts are too small. Despite of what the concern is, odds say that you are not satisfied with some parts of your face or body. However, most clients are just contented to be in front of a very gorgeous and hot woman. Once you get your dress worn out, any negative concerns you have with your body will be eliminated.
2. Your health is always your responsibility.
As escorts, you meet up with various types of clients and you do not know if your client has a sexually transmitted disease, then you must be very careful about your health. If you are really scared about having STDs, then you should do a little research about the disease and practicing safety measures. Most girls in the industry are smart enough to use condoms to avoid being infected with any disease connected to sex. Always perform a monthly check up with your local clinic and observe safe sex. Plesase as always remember that whatever happens with you and the client is between two consenting adults and has nothing to do with the agency who just book time
Here is an excerpt on a few safety tips:

Thielen Student Health Center distributed over 83,000 condoms on campus last year in efforts to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, otherwise known as CDC, some STD's do not show symptoms, so it may be hard to tell if someone is infected.


Students should make STD testing a routine part of their healthcare, said Brian Vanderheyden, program coordinator at Thielen Student Health Center.

“Make sure you are doing that every 6 months or so,” said Vanderheyden.

The best treatment for an STD would be the prevention of such diseases.

“We advise safe sex,” said Dr. Ricardo Arbulu at McFarland Clinic.

Abstinence would be the best way to prevent an STD. If abstinence isn’t possible, condoms would be the best way, Arbulu said.

If you don’t have access to condoms, prevention services is here to help.

 Credits: Tips on deal with STIs and STDs – Iowa State Daily

3. Your money is always your accountability.
Unlike any traditional day-time jobs where you get paid on a regular basis, escorting may build up really good economic season, along with really bad ones. As an escort, you may deal with slow months where you come up short with your budget. At other times, you may earn a huge amount of money at certain months. Business is not always constant and you need to be prepared in advance. Escorts who efficiently manage their money can be equipped and all set, especially when you are approaching slow months. If you are good in handling your money, the escorting business will work well for you.
4. Encounters are not dates.
A lot of escorts get good lucks with their first few clients. They may meet up with charming, good-looking clients who are deceptive. Additionally, handsome clients do not appear as very skilled with women. As a girl working in the industry, you should learn to accept such type of clients. Do not expect that your clients are like male models.