4 Client Fetishes Escorts Should Know


As a professional escort, you may have seen it all and heard it all from almost all your new and regular clients. Many clients usually tell things that they don’t feel relaxed when telling it to anyone else or ask sexual requests they don’t expect from their wives. Most of their sexual desires and fantasies are practically extreme and odd, but as an escort, you have the right to follow or not their sexual desires.
A client may be really obsessed with a certain kind of fetish as a way of his own sexual satisfaction. If you are caught by a client asking to perform his fetish, then it should just be right that you know some of the common fetishes of clients.
Its not just clients fetishes are becoming more and more common check out this excerpt for more details:
Nowadays, the word fetish is tossed around to describe a love of anything from wasabi peas to Netflix shows, which takes it away from its original, sex-related meaning. “The word fetish is misused all the time. Traditionally, it refers to the overwhelming sexual arousal a person feels surrounding a particular object or situation,” explains Seth Prosterman, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist in the San Francisco Bay Area. And while there are no central statistics for the most common fetishes in the United States for men, the same ones keep coming up again and again Here’s what they are—and how to add them to your bedroom routine for both your pleasure. Credits: Feet – 5 Secret Fetishes That Are Actually Totally Common – Shape
* Hybristophilia
This fetish also has the name Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome. There are numerous men and women who attracted to participate in criminal activity and integrate it during a sexual encounter. If your client asks you to realize this fetish, then you may want to play along with him. On the other hand, it really depends on how real he really wants the activity to become. You may want to finish the encounter if he really goes far beyond.
* Mechanophilia
This kind of fetish makes a man sexually attracted to any form of machinery such as airplanes, bicycles, and cars. This is usually identified as a crime in some countries. People with mechanophilia have sexual desires for doing sex with gizmos and gadgets. This may include arousal by just seeing a fast motorcycle or car. As an escort, a client with this fetish may request you to have sex with him on a motorcycle or car. One part of this fetish too is exhibitionism, which is almost always part of the clients’ fantasies.
* Erotic asphyxia
This fetish generally involves cutting the airway off in order to get more passionate orgasms. If an escort is asked by a client to participate in erotic asphyxia, then she should need to exercise tremendous caution. According to reports, orgasms are more intense and powerful when the person lacks oxygen. On the other hand, some people who engage in this activity pass out or choke their partners. As an escort, you should just perform this activity with your regulars whom you trust.
* Masks
There are some people who are aroused by having sexual encounter while wearing masks. As an escort, you can engage in this activity through simple blindfolds or complicated party masks. For clients with this kind of fetish, wearing masks give them stronger orgasm compared to any way of intimacy, whether the excitement comes from hiding his own face or his partner’s. If your client asks you to engage in this kind of fetish, then you must be very careful. He may not have this kind of fetish and is just planning another purpose on you. You may or may not follow through with your client’s masking or blindfolding requests.